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Bear With Me

Over the next however long period of time. I intend to get the unicorn stuff back up, but I’ll spare everyone adding each page as a blog post and just do it in the background. I’ll perhaps be a little more visible with a comprehensive discussion of the double iron, planing and plane setups, but…

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The Unicorn Method

I’m reposting the Unicorn method here as the article that used to be on Woodcentral is for some reason, no longer active. That could be an accident, or it could be because one of the long-time sponsors (Veritas/Lee Valley) had a chisel that did not show well in testing in the article – you’ll see…

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There should never be a wall to read here

If you see a post like you may have yesterday, please navigate to somewhere or do whatever is easiest to let me know. What am I referring to? WordPress added an option, I guess, to allow the Schwarzs, Numbs and the Wrights and whoever else to just wring a little bit more out of everyone.…

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